anaross (anaross) wrote,

Help!  I'm trying to track down a probably apocryphal but very affecting story. A teacher supposedly wrote it. She was having trouble with a class (7th grade?) one day, and on impulse she made everyone write their names on a paper and pass it around, and all the students were supposed to write only what they really liked about that kid.  And so every student ended up with a sheet of paper with nice things about him/her. 

Anyway, years later, one of the students died, and she went to the funeral, and the mother came up to her and showed her that page with the boy's name on it, all folded and wrinkled. She said he'd always kept it and looked at it when he was blue. And then other kids from the class who had come to the funeral approached her and pulled wrinkled sheets from their purses and wallets-- they'd all kept them too.

Anyone have a link to this story?  I don't care if it's not completely factual. It's TRUE even if it never happened!
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