anaross (anaross) wrote,

Help Anaross with original fic?

Hi, everyone! I've been really busy with this book, AND I'm thinking of making an original fic out of My Life Closed Twice. (Okay, hard not to notice that 50 Shades was fanfic and made MILLIONS.)

But first-- Could you all do me a quick favor?
I have just finished a new novel, and I’m trying something new, the Kindle Scout program. And I hope you’ll help me!
Would you nominate my book? All it takes is following this link for my Regency-set mystery novel, set after the war with Napoleon, and clicking the Nominate button (right under the description of the book).
 This is a new venture for me, and I would be grateful for your help! Thanks! If they choose my book for publication, nominators get a free e-copy. And if you could share with friends, and they clicked that link and nominated me, I would really appreciate it!

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