anaross (anaross) wrote,

Taking down My Life Closed Twice

I just want to give notice that I'll be taking down the My Life novel hoping to make something "original" out of it. (50 Shades of Spike! <G>)
I'm going to do it in a week, so if you want to save it, you can still download it till then.

The reason is I don't want all those vendor bots finding the story online and thinking I've plagiarized this person named Ana Ross!

So far in my revisions, I've changed some names:
Spike= Jake
Buffy = Sunny
Angel= Murph

miladyfelicia has been helping me conceptualize a new backstory and all that! Thanks to her! We'll have to see how this works. But if anyone else is trying to make your fanfic fic, message me, and let's discuss.
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