anaross (anaross) wrote,

Interested in upping your plotting?

Is anyone interested in taking a comprehensive plotting story course? I've been working on it forever, and it's finally ready for unveiling. I guide writers through the whole system of plotting, from figuring out the story type and question, to building the super-structure of the 3 acts, then framing in the 9 turning points, and then deepening everything by exploring the character's journey, goal, and strength. It's not designed especially for fanfic, but much of what I learned about corraling a big plot I learned from writing three big Spike novels. So the course is definitely informed by that. And I respect and understand the specific issues that come with plotting and writing fanfic based on existing characters.

So if you're looking to jump up to the next level in your fic plotting, or you want to try turning a fic into "original," this is a good opportunity. The interaction will be between you and the lessons, and also with me (there are 4 coaching calls included), and with other students only as much as you want.

And no, I don't teach like Spike. I couldn't get away with it! :)

Here's the link if you're interested! Plot Blueprint Course

Let me know if you have any questions-  you can email at
(you can also sign up for my free writing email list-- Get a free plotting article!
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