Octavia Butler?

Any Octavia Butler fans out there?

I've only read a couple of her books, and I need some help choosing one of her books for a class I'm doing.  (Need S/F by a woman writer.)  If you have read several of her books and can help me choose a scene.... please post!

Also I'm trying to explore the multicultural aspects of popular (genre) fiction, so if you can recommend some mystery  by a non-Caucasian... Actually, I love Walter Mosely, so I should maybe go with one of his.  Trouble will be choosing one of his books-- I love them all. Hmm. The first probably. (Hard to read that without seeing Denzel, who played Easy in the movie. :)

While I'm at it, can you all recommend a mystery or sf/fantasy or romance written by a Hispanic or Asian writer?  Woman or man, either one. I'd really like to use something set in a non-white culture (like a Chinatown murder mystery).  But must be originally written in English. 

I know I know some, but my mind always goes blank when I'm expected to choose books.

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Can you all help me with choosing excerpts for the Writercon workshops?

First, it's Writing Relationships without Sex, and I'd like to use some Buffy and Angel series excerpts that show something about non-sex relationships.  Cordelia and Angel-- what would be a good excerpt that shows the depth of their non-rom ship?

How about Willow and Buffy?

Buffy and Dawn?

Spike and Xander? Spike and Giles?

Buffy and Xander?

Buffy and Giles?

Oz and Xander?

Gunn and Wes?

Any others?

What would be good scenes?


Who is going to Writercon?  I'm going to be there. Let's meet--

Also I really, really, really want to see the new Torchwood series. Where can I get it? (I'm in the US, and I just CAN'T WAIT!!!!!)

Really, the last, last question!

This paper has to be done tomorrow, so eventually I'll shut up.

Any fics that use internet forms like blogging and twitter and IMing and the like? You know, like Dawn now has a blog sort of thing? I'm trying to find examples of innovative forms.


Any examples of "being Jossed"?

Also what's your definition of that?

Can you think of other jargon (NSFW is my favorite :)?  Ship, verse, I got to remember that.

Also, what would you consider "fanon"?  I'm thinking that while Dawn having crushes on Xander and Spike are probably canon, her hating Angel is probably fanon, right?

Thanks, everyone!  It's sort of coming together, but you see that I'm all over the block, too many topics. I'm trying to deal with both fan-fic and Buffy, and I think the whole Buffy thing will get shorted. But what I'm looking at there is how Buffy and the series "denied death," first of course with her actual deaths, the popularity of the series after its end, and also the whole vampire thing, the undead, as a denial of death.

I really doubt I'll get this developed as I would like.

But I would like to have a list of otherwise unmentioned good writers (that is, I'll be mentioning a bunch as examples, like nwhepcat for drabbles). So if you have a favorite Buffy-fic writer (any ship, or none), tell me!

Recycling lines

Oh, and can you think of any instances in either series where some cool line was recycled? I am thinking of the Spike I mean John Hart character in Torchwood saying, "Thirsty now," like Bad!Willow saying, "Bored now," though of course TW isn't a Whedon show. Firefly counts, though, or Dollhouse-- anything that connects to Whedon and uses a line recycled from Buffy. (I might go ahead and use the TW line, actually.)

More and more help with conference paper.

Thank you all for your help so far! I will acknowledge the Livejournal community in the paper and post it here at some point. :)

But I do have a couple more wee questions... Please help if you can!

1) I want to mention a couple "spin-offs" within the fan community, such as fic based on vids or on fan artwook. Any suggestions?

2) I am looking for a couple little "inside-baseball" moments in the series which spawned a fic or two.  Can you think of any? Like when Dracula comes in, and Spike mentions, "He owes me eleven pounds!"-- can anyone think of a fic that plays off that reference?

3) Can you think of any fics where Joss himself appears in some capacity? I don't actually want to use my own material (I used him in a B/Firefly crossover), so if there are any more sightings of Joss in fic, let me know.

4) I would like to include some artwork, banners, manips, etc.  What's your favorite? I've got a couple, but want a whole page full. :)  I'll mention NSFW ones, but probaby shouldn't show them. :)

5) Any fics you can think of which expand on the Code of Aurelius or the Rules of Vampires or the History of Demons or anything like that?  Like is there any fic you can think of which sets out some kind of code or geneology or anything like that of the Order of Aurelius?

6) How about fanfics which play off some mistake in the canon (like Spike referring to Angel as his sire in School Hard)?

7) Finally, I want to show that fanfic actually originates narrative forms. I'm thinking of the drabble and that mind-bending form the X Things That Never Happened to Character Y.  (I've got nwhepcat's Dawn Drabbles, which are a good example of both.)  What other kind of fic genres do you see as sort of revolutionary?

8) Well, one more.  Some writers are using really interesting typography and grammar and punctuation to achieve additional effects. You know, like putting periods within the sentence for emphasis. Just. Not. Going. There.

Any help with any of these much appreciated!

More help with article?

Couple questions?

1. Can you think of any fics that are about fanfic? I'm thinking of that story (I can't remember title or author) where Spike googles himself or Buffy and comes across a yahoogroups list of fans, and he asks them what he should do to win her, and the fans all give him advice based on what they saw in S6.  Like "after you have sex the first time, don't say the only thing better than killing a slayer is..."

2. I'd like to play a couple great videos that are about death in some way.  There was one I remember that had Meet Me on the Other Side as the song. I have a new PC and lost my bookmark to the great vid sites-- any suggestion?